STATE OF SURVIVAL Setting Guide 全面屍控遊戲設定指南

Game setting 遊戲設定

  1. The new character must be played to the city hall level 12 or above or all areas in the refuge are opened, and there will be no errors after execution

  2. Please enter the game first and arrange your buildings according to the arrangement in the picture.

  3. Arrange from right to left
    避難所中主要這幾個設施由右至左排列 即可 

    遠程兵營→英雄中心→市政廳 (沿著前緣對齊,市政廳對齊後緣)
    Hunter barracks→Hero Center→City Hall (Align along the front edge, and City Hall aligned to the rear edge) 

    騎兵營→活動中心 (沿著前緣對齊)
    Rider barracks → Event center (aligned along the front edge)
    Infantry barracks→hospital (aligned along the front edge) 

    實驗室後方放置四種不同的礦場 方便自動採收  淨化中心如圖擺在實驗室旁邊

  4. Please move the game APP you want to play to the first APP in the emulator desktop (because the program will automatically start the action for you after the game is disconnected).

  5. Before executing "WG_Master", please complete the collection or training of the character in the refuge once, because the program will only repeat the action based on your last action in the game

  6. Please click on the game window with the mouse and press ALT+1 or ALT+F1 to add the game window to WGMASTER. After adding it successfully, you will see the name of your simulator window in the program 

  7. After clicking the tab, you will see the character setting options, please start setting

WG_Master setting 程式特殊設定說明

  1. Alliance Technology needs to set the point to be clicked. You can use the hotkey "Alt+3" to grab the coordinates to be clicked in the game and enter it.
    聯盟科技 需要設定點選的座標, 可以利用熱鍵"Alt+3"在遊戲中抓取要點選的座標並且輸入即可。 

  2. Hero exploration, Select the area (1.2.3 from left to right after entering the exploration homepage). As shown in the figure below, this is a relative position, not an absolute position. It lies in the level you are exploring. After entering the exploration, you need to click on the level to enter the first screen. This time you need to set The coordinates to be selected (use ALT+3 to query). The program currently defaults to click on the level of X-6.
    英雄探索,選擇區域(進入探索首頁後由左至右排列計算1.2.3) 如下圖 這是相對位置不是絕對位置,在於你探索的關卡 ,進入探索後第一個畫面要點選的關卡進入,這時候需要設定要點選的座標(利用ALT+3查詢)。程式目前預設是點選X-6的關卡

  3. Peace Flare ,When the program detects an attack alert, it will automatically open the shield, and use the shield in sequence from the free one. The program will not reuse the items. Check this function and make sure you have the shield first.
     保護罩  當程式偵測到敵人警示後,將會自動開啟盾,從免費的開始依序使用盾,程式不會重複使用道具,勾選此功能請先確認您擁有盾  

  4. Special execution of a single function (other actions will not be executed during the period)
    特殊執行單一功能 (期間其他動作將不執行)
    1. Only perform the action of alliance mutual assistance, use the activity to quickly medical allies
    2. Quickly specify the number of hospitals that need medical care and ask allies to help each other.
    3. Specially used for hero exploration to earn materials (need to cooperate with the setting of hero exploration above).
    4. After the map is set in the wilderness, check this function and the program will start to quickly complete the information.